Bath & Body Works Haul

A few weeks ago I was almost or completely out of everything soap and hand sanitizers wise so I went online to my favorite store for those things, Bath & Body Works! I have loved Bath & Body Works since I was a teenager. I think all there products are great! I have not come across a product I don’t like. I try to get things mainly when they have their semi-annul sale but like I said I was just about out of everything I had stocked up.

I have a habit of putting everything I want in the shopping cart and then when I am done look at the total if it isn’t too expensive I get. If I have a mild heart attack then I go through and delete a few things. This was a heart attack order. I wanted some candles but didn’t need them as I have a whole shelf in a cabinet in my closet just for candles.


These were 5 for $5.00. Well I couldn’t pick just 5. I picked all new scents but one, that one is Vanilla Berry Sorbet. I am not a huge vanilla scent fan but I love that one. Out of the 6 other ones I bought Paris Amour is the only one I would not repurchase it is to perfumey for me. The 5 others I bought are Beautiful Day, Island Margarita, Pure Paradise, A Walk In The Woods, and Fresh Sparkling Snow.  IMG_5726

These were buy 2 get 1 free so I got my 3 favorites. Twilight Woods, Cotton Blossom, and Cucumber Melon. I like to get my favorite scents for body soap.

IMG_5717These were 5 for $18.00. Beside Peach Bellini I have not bought or smelled these scents before. At first I didn’t like Eucalyptus Mint but after using it I really do like it. Winter Cranberry is very strong and you will smell it for a while after you was your hands. Iced Blackberries is a soft sweet scent. I really like it. The last one I bought was Malaysian Pomegranate I haven’t used that one yet. I liked it when I smelled it in the bottle.

Bath & Body Works is a great company to order from online. I ordered this at 10:00 p.m. on a Sunday and by noon on Monday it shipped! Oh did I mention that was standard shipping! I had it by Wednesday!

Do you shop at Bath & Body Works? If so what is your favorite thing to get?



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