Guest Blog – Stitchfix Review!

Hello! My name is Chelsea, and I’m Ashley’s cousin-in-law. (Is that right?? Should it be my husband’s cousin?? Or my Aunt-in-Law’s daughter?) Eh, who cares, I’m Ashley’s cousin! She’s the only one that lets me call her “Ash” (she hates it when everyone else calls her that, as you may remember from her recent blog regarding 50 facts about her.) I absolutely ADORE her, and I am so honored that she asked me to post a guest blog.

Anyhoo, I will be the first to admit, my wardrobe needs an uplift. I’ve been stuck in this after-college slump of just wearing Old Navy shirts and American Eagle skinny jeans, and it was time to get out of that slump! I’m newly married, navigating my way through the corporate world, and ready to face the universe head on. Gosh darnit, I should dress like it, too!

Enter: Stitchfix. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a wonderful site that allows you to have a personal stylist find clothes for you that they think would fit you best. You fill out this very thorough questionnaire about yourself, including likes, dislikes, and budget, and they do the rest! Every month, I get a beautiful baby blue box at my doorstep and I’m so excited to see what my personal stylist got for me!

My wonderful husband has been capturing my fixes by camera, and I’m here to share with you my thoughts on Stitchfix. So if you were not sure whether to invest in a Stitchfix account, don’t fear, check out my review! (Disclaimer, I cannot remember the names of the designers or the prices, even though they give you the breakdown along with your kit. I apologize!)

For my first Stitchfix, it was during the summer, and we had five weddings to go to, so I asked my stylist to provide me with dresses to wear to weddings. This is the breakdown of what came in my first box:

First: This yellow number:


Super cute, right? Probably my biggest regret. It fit very well, and it was super cute. However, it was a greenish yellow, and I thought it was ugly looking, so I decided to return in. Looking back, I’m probably never going to find a dress that fit that perfectly again!

Second, this cape cod dress:


I call this the Cape Cod dress because I felt like I could only wear it there. It was very cute, a little big (you can see me holding back the back of the dress to make it tighter). I remember this dress being over the $50-100 price point, and when I factored in the tailoring, it didn’t seem worth it to me. Returned this one!

Next, a striped disaster:

20140728_173708I strongly believe that stripes DO NOT look good for several body types and they should be ignored as much as possible. My problem area is my tummy, and this just seemed to make it look enlarged. This one got returned, for sure!

Awkward green lace dress:

20140728_173825I don’t even know where to start with this one. First, it’s just too big! I can’t tell if the sleeves are too large, the dress is just too oversized, or if it’s too long. Just too much wrong. Plus, that awkward lace caps didn’t do it for me. Return to sender!

The first box was a great first box, even though I didn’t buy anything. I signed up for another shipment and waited!

The next box, I asked for more professional clothes, more winter clothes, since Western New York’s winters are extremely unforgiving.

First, the business-y dress that I could also wear going out with my husband!


Super cute, right, especially with a blazer? I loved the material, and I really liked that I could wear it going out to dinner with my husband after work. However, in taking pictures for this blog post, my husband noticed this frumpiness in the back of my dress:


Ugh, just awkwardness. I certainly do not want people thinking I have a unicorn horn sticking out of my bottom, so this went back into the box.

Next, a cute sweater with skinny jeans!


Such a cute sweater! It was sheer, and didn’t pass my “passable for casual Fridays at work” test, so unfortunately, this went to the box as well. The Skinny jeans were fabulous, comfortable, made my bottom look great, and super stretchy. This was just out of my price point, and my American Eagle skinny jeans are doing the job just fine.

And lastly, the button-up jacket!


Very cute blazer. I honestly loved it, especially with the little polka dots lining up the jacket (see below!). However, I thought it was too big for me, whereas my husband thought it fit well. Working in insurance, I have quite a few blazers, so I just couldn’t justify spending the money on this blazer.20141017_170612 As you can probably see, I haven’t actually brought anything from Stitchfix. I think it’s because I haven’t found anything that I absolutely just LOVE and need to have immediately. I talked to my husband about possibly deleting my Stitchfix account (It’s 20 a fix, mine is scheduled for once a month, that’s $240.00 a year!), and he mentioned that the amount of joy that I get from seeing that box on my doorstep is priceless, and maybe one day, my stylist will get it right!

For now, I say, if your wardrobe is in a slump, I would invest in this. It makes a great holiday gift, so go ahead, buy a month’ subscription for your girlfriends, and compare boxes!

I hope you enjoyed my guest post! xoxo Ciao!