October Birchbox!

Woohoo my Birchbox came early this month!! Plus there was 7 items in it!! I have to admit I peaked in my box before it came. Something in my box smells so good! So here is what came in my Birchbox this month.IMG_5623

Beauty Protector – Protect & Detangle: Full-size $21.95

What the product card says: Best – selling elixir that locks in color, protects from heat damage, and adds silkiness.IMG_5647

What I thought: I like this product. It smells really good, it has a floral scent that you still can smell hours later. The website says it smooth and moisturizes hair which helps prevents frizz. It also says, that it detangles, safeguards hair color, adds shine, protects against uv rays and heat. Will I buy this? No I like my It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Conditioner better. This just doesn’t leave my hair as soft as the It’s a 10.

Camille Beckman – Tuscan Honey Glycerine Hand Therapy: Full-size $13.95

What the product card says: Sweet – smelling cream that restores and protects hands with glycerin and healing botanicals.IMG_5658

What I thought: This hand cream smells AMAZING! Literally I am sitting here typing this and keep picking it up to smell it. Yes I know I’m weird! Birchbox website says it’s scent is “brown sugar, honey, and fig with a base of vanilla amber.” It is a perfect blend if you ask me. Okay now to talk about the hand cream itself. It is a wonderful hand cream! It is rich and creamy. Absorbs quickly into your skin. I felt an immediate difference in my hands, which is strange for me as my non callused hands are always baby butt soft. Will I buy this? I am thinking about buying this as a gift for a few people for Christmas.

Dr. Brandt® – Pores no more® vacuum cleaner: Full-size $45.00

What the product card says: Award-winning gel that degunks pores for fewer blackheads and smoother skin.IMG_5651

What I thought: Oh my goodness this stuff is awesome! I only used it once and saw a big difference. I definitely had less blackheads. I am a skin freak and will look in the magnified mirror often. The next day after using this on my chin and nose, it was clear that most my blackheads were gone. I am so impressed that there was a difference in one use. Will I buy this? Most likely. It is pricey but a little goes along way so I think this would be well worth the investment.

ModelCo – Powerlash High Impact Black Mascara: Full-Size $20.00

What the product card says: With a unigue brush, this Australian brand’s mascara adds length and volume to every lash.IMG_5669

What I thought: This mascara is a really nice mascara. The brush really gets all your lashes coated in mascara and fans them out. It is very easy to take off at night. That makes me wonder if this would not be the best mascara foe someone who has oily eyelids. I don’t have oily eyelids so I can’t say if that is the case. What I don’t like about the sample size is that the brush on the wand is too big. I say this because every time I put the wand back in the tube the mascara that is left over on the brush gushes up all over the top. I always have to wipe it off. Will I buy this? I am not sure. I am a mascara whore and cannot stick to one brand.

Skin and Co – Sicilian Light Serum: Full-size $47.00

What the product card says: Rich in vitamin C, this treatment boots collagen, evens skin tone, and minimizes wrinkles.IMG_5666

What I thought: This is a product that you cannot tell if it works with just a few uses. It smells good! I think what I smell most is the hibiscus. It is not over powering by any means. This is a light serum that quickly absorbs into your skin.


Oribe Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner: Full-size $48.00-$49.00

What the product card says: Duo for stronger, healthier strands.IMG_5728

What I thought: I think I am in love! Can you be in love with a shampoo and conditioner? I got two samples of these and after using one of these I noticed a major difference in my hair. It made my hair so soft and I could not stop running my fingers through my hair. My hair felt so silky like baby hair! I look forward to using my second pack. Especially since I want to see how much of a difference I see in my hair as this week I dye my hair. Will I buy this? If money was no problem Yes in a heart beat I would buy these. But sadly I am on a budget and this amazingly perfect set does not fit into my budget. Birchbox I know you never send the same sample twice but feel free to send me this sample anytime!

To sign up to get your own Birchbox then click the link here!

Have you tried any of these products? If so I would love to know what you thought, leave me a comment below telling me!



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