September Birchbox!

It’s that time of the month again!! (No not that time of the month) It is Birchbox time! I love getting my Birchbox in the mail every month it’s like Christmas to me! I have been getting a Birchbox in the mail every month since December. I am a little bit ridiculous and will snoop in my Birchbox before it arrives if I can. But I just can’t wait to see what I’m going to get.

For those of you who don’t know Birchbox is a monthly subscription that sends you 4-5 beauty products and lifestyle products based on your profile. These products can be from well-known brands to up-and-coming brands. In previous months I’ve gotten things like a full-size eyeliner or nail polishes to sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, even granola bars and chocolate. You can go to Birchbox’s website and purchase these items or other items that they have in their Birchbox store. For every dollar that you spend in the Birchbox store they give you a point. Say you spend $24 that will equal 24 points. Once you get 100 points they give you $10 off your next purchase. You also get 10 points for each review you write about the product you received in your Birchbox. So you could end up with 50 points in one month just by writing reviews. You can also get Birchbox points for referring people to Birchbox. Lastly you can get Birchbox points for buying somebody a monthly subscription as a gift.

How I’m going to describe the items is by giving the description from the product card that comes with each box and then tell you what I thought of it.

What I got in my Birchbox:

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris Fragrance

What the product card says: The designer’s first-ever scent mingles summery fruits and florals for an elegant vibe.


My thoughts: I  like this fragrance. It very strong I could smell this before I opened the box. It is a one spray kind of fragrance. At first I can smell the fruity tones and later through day I can smell the floral tones.


Cynthia Rowley Beauty: Eye Pencil in Sliver

What the product card says: The NYC-based designer’s new metallic liner goes on smoothly for long-lasting wear.

What I thought: I really like this eyeliner! This is a soft easy glide pencil, goes on the water line easily and its a build able color too. I like to wear this on my water like with a dark smokey eye to give the smokey eye a pop of color. It makes my blue-green eyes stand out and reflect the metallic sparkle.

Dr. Jart+: Pore Minimalist- Black Charcoal Sheet Mask

What the product card says: This fabric mask, soaked in a charcoal and spearmint serum, clears pores and smooths the skin.


What I thought: This product was alright. I didn’t like how you could not tell what side to use and that it was almost to big for my face. The sheet kept sliding off my face and did not stick to my chin so well. I wish it was more of a one use product to see how well my skin respond to it. I feel it brought what clogged pores I had to the surface but it could be just a coincidence that I was breaking out hormonally  too.

Liz Earle: Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Starter Kit

What the product card says: UK favorite that uses a two-step ritual to purify and exfoliate.


What I thought: I am in love with this product! I have heard wonderful things all over YouTube and wanted to try it when i saw it as a choice I was thrilled! Birchbox has been letting its members choose one product for a few months now. I love how it just melts all my make-up off and the cloth that comes with it just washes clean with water even with the blackest mascara on it. I gently rub a quarter size amount all over my face and eyes and then using hot water on the muslin cloth wipe the product off. I rise the cloth and wipe my face two or three times more. I will most likely be buying this product or adding it to my Christmas beauty want list. (Yes I just swore by saying Christmas this early shame on me!!)

Perkier: Moisturizing Body Balm in Shea Lavender

What the product card says: From the Italian skin care brand, this richly nourishing cream smooths and softens.


What I thought: It is a really rich body cream. It has a slight oily after feel but that quickly goes away. I am not a big body cream or lotion person but this is really nice. I have one really dry elbow and this after one use has made a noticeable difference.

To sign up to get your own Birchbox then click the link here!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. A*Dubb says:

    Hi. I’m a birchblogger too and came across your page. Nice review. Is this your first ever Birchbox? I just signed up for Birchbox at the end of September (so excited), but I’m also subscribed to Ipsy. I did a similar kind of review on my blog.

    1. Hi! Thanks for the complement! This is my first review of a Birchbox but I have been a Birchbox subscribers sense December!

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